Director grand corp malade, Mehdi Idir Duration : 110 min. Genre : Comédie dramatique, Dramatic Comedy Acteurs : Pablo Pauly, Soufiane Guerrab

A young man lies in a hospital bed. He can neither feel nor move his limbs. He can only stare at the ceiling. The nurses and doctors speak about him as if he weren’t present in the room. They are saying he will never walk again. Thus begins the travails of 20 year-old Ben, whose dreams are as broken as his spine. Based on the autobiography of French slam poet Fabien Marsaud, popularly known as Grand Corps Malade, this inspiring story recounts the hardships and the tears, as well as the ultimate victories of a life re-invented. Ben’s hopes of becoming a pro basketball player are dead in the water, but luckily, his sense of humor remains intact. Confined to a rehabilitation center with an assortment of fellow invalids, cripples, paras and quadras, or friends, as he eventually calls them, Ben makes his mind up to walk again. His patience will be put to the ultimate test, but support and even love will come in ways he never expected.